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My 2011 Camaro LS Videos of Detail

Guest Gone & Forgotten


Guest Gone & Forgotten

As she sits with Machine Super Wax (Sealant to you new people) curing on her now, I decided to edit some video I took. I figure Photos are cliche' and I'd like to post a video or two up. Here's the first video of the process - no actual polishing done in videos, just some show'n'tell and a few questions for the Adam's Community.


Please ignore my constant use of the word "anyway" - I guess I'm wasn't aware of my over use of the word.


I'll take another video when it's done and post it as well. Thanks for watching. *note - I have had a speech problem since I was 5, I'm 40 now. Please ignore my influences.


<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/WB-5CdhTtJo" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>


Finished it. Here's a video. Never mind the goofy-ness and Auto-Tuned voices - or the Chipmunk Wiz Khalifa - New iMac = new toy. ALERT = I may say a couple things that are a TINGE off colour.


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/3U1JLDcWHqw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>



Adding PICS :














AFTER: I have SINCE wiped the car down with DS and removed the smudging seen in these photos, along with the dust (blown off by air compressor).














Had some glass cleaner on the trunk lid under the Adam's Decal - oops. It's gone now... my bad.




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Nice size garage Bob.


About the clay, it's not just the time, (even though the previous owner must have gone through lots of car washes!), but where the car lived during that time. Did it take a long train ride to get to the dealer, did it sit on the lot for a long time, did the owner work/live in a place with lots of industrial work, or maybe he parked under trees a lot?

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Guest Gone & Forgotten

Thanks and yeah, I know. Just amazes me that clay from a car that new could be so trashed. Makes me sad that people don't appreciate what they have. To me, that's taking things for granted and I just don't do that (except my big garage).


The garage is detached, about 250 feet from the house, so - I can do my thing without bothering the wife. It's only a 28x36. Wish it had higher ceilings - I'd be going for a lift.

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Actually, the damage looted pretty bad! Did he use automatic car washes?? And yes, when you get a new car the contaminants can be that bad, from transport to sitting on the lot.


Wish I had a big garage. I have to detail outside as I have a 1 car garage.



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Guest Gone & Forgotten

Added 'finished' video, adding photos soon. Not perfect, but oh well. I'm sick of detailing cars. Dodge Ram Quad Cab 3 weeks ago, 96 Corvette CE last weekend, this thing this weekend... a black car is like 2 trucks when detailing.

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Guest Gone & Forgotten
second video is set to private


Fixed. Thanks for the heads up. Uploaded in a hurry - lovin' that iMac. Fun computer.

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Guest Gone & Forgotten

Same as usual. I listed the process in the 1st video's description for those who stumble on my videos on YouTube and don't know about Adam's.


I'll copy/paste here. :


*Washed with Dawn (remove silicones and any wax.. yeah right)

*Dried (sorta)

*Taped with 3m blue painter's tape - (have a lot of that around, I'm a Painter)


*Severe Swirl Remover, PC7424XP

*Swirl Haze Remover, PC7424XP,

*Wipe down with DS and Single Soft Towel - after so many passes and so much product, had to see my work.

*Fine Tune with focus pads

*Fine Machine Polish, PC7424XP

*Machine Super Wax (known as Sealant now I think), PC7424XP

*Wipe Down with Single Soft Towel

*Brilliant Glaze and wipe down with Single Soft Towel

*Americana Wax

*Total Wipe Down with Double Soft Towels

*Dress Tires

*Dress wheel wells with Invisible Undercarraige Spray

*Lightly Dress Engine (not dirty) with 50/50 VRT (don't have SVRT yet)

*Interior wipe down, dressing with Interior Cleaner / Conditioner

*Vacuum and spot check

*Apply Adam's laser cut emblem on rear window

** AFTER PICS / VIDS - another dusting with my air compressor and a wipe down with Detail Spray and a new WW Towel.

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