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you better go over your paint and wheels with a fine tooth comb to make sure there is none on it! how do they get overspray on the tires? good news is, it being on the tires is not that big of a deal since it is rubber and will eventually need to be replaced due to treadwear.


thats just poor masking right there!

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I've had several pickups and tools Line-X'd over the years. You should never get Line-X overspray anywhere other than the intended target, let alone on tires.... ever!


I'd be pissed!


Poor workmanship is an understatement.... I was thinking "incompetent."

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A number of our dealers are actually also LineX shops so they might be able to give you some advice, especially since they'll also be familiar with our products and what they are capable of.


Just give them a call, even though they're not local I've referred people to them from far away for technical advice and they've always been helpful.


Line-X of Southern Oregon Contact: Mark Chatelain

4840 Airway Drive

Central Point, OR 97502 541-734-2600




Line-X of Naples Contact: Sam Magnuson

4573 Enterprise Ave #4

Naples, FL 34104 239-261-6695



LINE-X of Akron/ Medina 387 Medina Rd.

Medina, OH 44256 330-474-0614

LINE-X of Akron / Medina -


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