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Another addict from NC


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Thanx everyone.


Welcome. What do you drive?


Nothing special 00 CRV & 04 Kia Optima. Athough I do have a 90 Mustang LX 5.0 sitting in a garage on the 'someday' list. I can't wait for 'someday' to come b/c when it does I'm getting alot of stuff. :D


Now Gregg' date=' Make sure that you don't tell us too much about yourself because we actually could careless-NOT!!!!! :jester:


Tell us about yourself. [/quote']


What do you want to know, my sign? ;) I never know how to answer that question especially when I was asked on job interviews. Probably why I work for myself now. Never got the jobs. :)


welcome and nice avi *shine*


Thanx. That just happen to catch my eye w/ the clouds. It's the hood of a black 08 Lexus IS250 from what I remember.



Where is ya?

Burlington. Although it seems like I'm hardly here w/ work. Which I guess is a good thing.

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