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Howdy from Houston


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Hello all. I'm a new member from Houston Texas. This past week I purchased a 2006 Corvette C6. The car had 18000 miles on it when I flew to Newark New Jersey to pick it up. I drove the 1600 miles back to Houston with my new car. I bought the car from the original owner who took extremely good care of the car. He had a 3M clear bra installed shortly after he purchased the car. There are a few scuffs/scratches in the clear bra and I am wondering if these can be buffed out. Does anyone have experience with the 3M clear bra?



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Scuff marks can actually be wet sanded out of a clear bra, as long as it is a 3M clear bra. I have actually done this with the assistance of my local 3M installer. If wet sanding is not something you know how to do, then I wouldn't try it if I were you. I would contact your local 3M installer, provided that the manufacturer of your bra is 3M.


Welcome to the forum. :)

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i have one of the last bottles of Adam's Clear Polish still about 90% full. i just don't use it, because i sold the only car i owned with a clear bra. its about a year old and should last at least another year or 2.


it was made for clear bras, but they discontinued it due to low sales. you don't live too far from me, i'll trade you for a bottle of SVRT :D


Adam's Clear Polish is the first of it's kind to specifically treat and protect automotive clear bras! Clear bras will yellow and fade over time when exposed to the sun and elements. Our Clear Polish, when used as suggested, will effectively extend the life of your clear bra by up to 50% and prevent yellowing and aging! The Clear Polish is recommended for use every 3 months on vehicles permanently exposed to the elements or twice a year on garaged vehicles.


Simply apply to our microfiber applicator pads and rub in a criss-cross manner just like our paint polishes. After 15 minutes wipe off with our Super Plush Microfiber towels. Stand back and look at the shine!

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Welcome to the family!!!


There are two possibilities with the clear bra.

It can either be scratched on the bra OR

It can be scratched on the paint under the bra.


If it's the paint...then it's only repairable after you take off the 3m.

If it's the bra...follow everyone else's direction! :)

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