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New Tires:Goodyear Duratracs are on!


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Tires are on! 295/65/18 Goodyear Duratracs.


I like them a lot, they are slightly shorter than the old 35s and narrower. But they look great I think. They still fit the look I was looking for, they are extremely more aggressive than what I was expecting which is a plus thumbup.gif


They are SO quiet on the road compared to the old Pro Comps. The shop that installed them took almost 2 hours to install them mad.gif But I did make it to class afterwards. Anyways here are some pics.








Little Product shot :thumbsup:





As you can see my Undercarriage spray bottle broke. Will be contacting Ashley about that, third spray nozzle that has broken




I'm thinking about setting the Bilstein's back down to 0" setting and get an actual leveling kit. There is still a little bit of rake, I wanna get rid of.

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the duratracs are really popular with the jeep jk crowd. they handle everything well, especially rain and snow. they hold up on the rocks, and float well in sand at the right pressure. the only downfall is mud, because the lugs dont self clean that quickly, and the jeeps dont have enough power to spin them fast enough to get them to clean out.

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