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GTO owners.....



After I practice on the wifes SUV and correct her paint, Im going to move on to my bro in laws GTO, pic attached. GTO owners did you guys all remove your rear spoiler and correct underneath it or did you guys skip it or.........

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Before I removed mine for good, I always got as far as I could underneath it, but never removed it to polish.


If you leave it on, make sure to pop the trunk lid while polishing, the spoiler covers up a lot of area on the rear fenders.


This is what I do.

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What spoiler?


Regimental Red 1967 GTO Hardtop - Ultimate Pontiac GTO Photo Detail


Could not resist. Bought one of these new, along with 69 ram air and '72...ya I'm 63...like the silver goat above...


Thanks for the memories Cecil, I also remember them when new, although Never owned one. Had a chevelle 327, 4 speed.

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