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Fresh Photo Thread


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I've seen this on a couple of other forums and it helps keep the forums cleaner. The fresh photo thread is for fresh new pics you have that don't necessarily need a full thread dedicated to them. Like if you just had one or two new pics, instead of starting a new thread, you throw them up in the fresh photo thread.




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Dang that thing looks nice Zeb! Great photo too.


Your ride looks sweet. I also noticed that you have some really nice local for taking pictures. Not only in this post, but your previous one.


Thanks! I wish I were in a larger city to be able to scout and have more locations to shoot at. This one was taken in the small town I live in (pop. 16k) on the town square. My other shoot was in my hometown (pop. 3800). Small towns do have a lot of older buildings and architecture and are more vacant for shooting. I've got several other small towns with some really cool locations to shoot at that I'm going to go shoot at some weekend. Kind of make a day of it driving all over the area. Plus winter is better because there's less bugs when driving between locations. lol

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Here's my contribution (no need for a full thread)...




Finally got the garage cleaned out to get both our vehicles in there.


Tahoe will be getting its spa day next weekend, this weekend was a quick clay/detail for the Audi.



Tahoe: 2011 Z71 (2wd: hate me or love me, but I wanted it for the looks and it was optioned how we wanted it)


Audi: 2007 A4 2.0t White with tan int.

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That Audi looks nice!



Ditto on the Audi. My wife has the cabrio 2.0T quattro version of that and LOVES it! She drove VWs prior ('01 and '07 Passats), but fell in love with a A4 cabrio I got as a service loaner a couple of years ago. That was all she wrote. The didn't like the EOS as much.



Love the TDI. I was really considering a white TDI sportwagen but couldn't bring myself to buy new, and didn't want the first '09 model. So I went 180deg and got a used A8. I've been driving Audis for almost 18 years now.

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Walked out of the office after some rain today to see this in the parking lot. Had a co-worker ask how I was able to get my paint to do this on a 3 year old vehicle


3-step PC polish with MSS. Glaze and Americana just arrived today. Can't wait for the rain to stop so I can apply that shine

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Yesterday I finally got my tires for the wheels I have been waiting to mount since the summer.




Volk Racing SF (Seamless Forged) Winnings


19/9.5 +19 front

19/10.5 +17 rear


Tires are Bridgestone Potenza RE11s


19/245/35 front

19/275/30 rear


I will definitely be posting more pics once it stops raining here and I can wash the car.

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