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New To Me Car


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Went and drove the car today...its a 2004 Pontiac grand prix comp g....it will be my new dd....it needs some adams love but it seemed like a good buy...got him down to $8300...lll be picking it up Monday....the exterior is just going to get a strip wash and coat of MSS....the inside will need a full detail on my first days off....spring she will get clayed,polished, and wax....here is the autotrader ad


Cars for Sale: 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Sedan in Bowling Green, OH 43402: Sedan Details - 311747199 - AutoTrader.com


Plans will be a home made intake, tint and new exhaust tips....ill get better pics Monday

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Nice buy.. Congrats


Thanks..I think I got a pretty good deal on it


Nice car, I had a black one the only diff is I had the chrome wheels.

My friend bought it from me and still has it. :burnout:Congrats!


I used to have a 98 gtp and I kinda missed the whine of the super charger so I think im goin to like this car

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nice find Derek. I hope you dont go back to that tint shop you had the troubles with :jester:


Yeah ill definitely be going elsewhere


That should make a really good DD. I'm sure that it will be well cared for.


I sure hops so...im looking forward to getting paint under my lights to see the swirl city...as soon as the snow is done expect a detail thread from me

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My mother used to have a white 04 Comp G with the chrome wheels. Awesome car except for the horrible torque steer if you punched it from the supercharged 3.8.


Trust me I am used to torque steer...I used to have a grand prix gxp which had a 5.3L v8 and was fwd

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got her home today and had a mod on it within 15 minutes lol....here are a few pics....the inside hasnt seen any type of dressing im guessing in its life....this car is going to have one heck of a turn around when i am done with it.






and the cheap mod


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