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Steel wool



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So my friend was using some steel wool and long story short a ton of fibers got into my Adams wash pad. Any way to get it out or do I need a new one? Thank you


Welcome Sauwceboss!


You have 2 choices, understanding that steel wool, however fine, will leave microsratches in your paint. Which is what you are trying to avoid with the wash pad and 2 bucket.


1. Comb/Pick/Vacuum out fibers and hope they are all removed. But the word "ton" tells me you wont' be able to do that 100%.


2. Get a new wash pad for $10


I vote for #2.

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Toss it! Not worth what it will do to your finish. You time is more valuable than that, let alone the time you will spend correcting the finish if you wash with that steel wool wash pad! Eeesh, makes me cringe just thinking about it, esp if you have black paint.

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Wow after a wash all of it came out. I'm still going to go ahead and buy another just to be on the safe side but wow. Good to know what apc and a long wash cycle can do haha.


Your wife or mother is going to KILL you putting that into the washing machine. Throw that thing away or it's going to end up costing you more than the cost of a new mitt.

And you better pray that not one piece of that steel wool ends up in your bath towels, underwear, or anything else or you'll be buying a new washing machine. I guarantee, if you were my kid......you'd be buying a new machine. :willy:

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