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When pressure washing engine....

Guest Gone & Forgotten


Guest Gone & Forgotten

should the engine be running?


(see video on right at bottom of this link)

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Local business - yet another local shop claiming to be the best that doesn't have a clue.


If you watch the other video (next to it) you'll see dude washing a 'lac and do the 'bottom up' method.


Len - we gotta open up shop bro. We gotta! Man - kills me to see $8/hour labor washing cars and someone getting paid off of bad technique.

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Anytime that I wash my engine compartment off with a pressure washer I don't leave it running and I also make sure that the engine is cold.


Yes sir! I've washed tons of engine bays, and have never left it running and always made sure it was cold. I bet you he want do that again when he inadvertently sticks his hand in there and gets a fan massage, :lolsmack:


Cover exposed intake, distributer, alternator and try and stear clear of spraying directly at electrical.


Spray with APC....


Let soak....


Scrub dirty area's with brushes....




Dry with MB or by letting it run for 15 minutes.....


What's funny is...the video to the left is a 30 second clip of a guy dragging all the contaminants from the bottom of the car up. Then it stops. Bwahahaha.

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