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Hello all! My name is Dan and I'm a computer tech from Maryland. I recently completed purchase of a brand new 2012 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS :burnout: I learned about Adams via Junkman on the Camaro5 forums.


Before purchase I learned the ins and outs of detailing, but never got a chance to test it...


So basically I've got some minor swirls and haven't quite had a chance to detail her, no wax, no nothing. I'm hoping I can buy an entire PC kit this week and get some nice weather so I won't have to worry about correcting any of my mistakes again. :pc:


Figured I'd join so I can post some before/after and enhance my learning, will try to meet up buy apparently nobody in Maryland is interested in detailing with adams :P so to PA it is!



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Images! knew I forgot something lol. You can't tell from here at the poor job I've already done at keeping the paint flawless :\ thats where the PC will come in!


As you can see I park on a rocky driveway, on an incline. I hope to have a 10x20 car canopy soon so I'll have to worry less about the elements.

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