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When to use Severe Swirl Remover



Im going to correct a friends truck this coming weekend and its in a rougher shape.

Its a 97 Z71 thats seen its fair share of off road time. Its black and is swirled pretty good. I will try to get some pics up tommorow night. Either way. I currently do not have the green pad or SSH in my arsenal. And honestly dont want to order it if i dont need it, because this truck is the only car i will be doing that may need it. I have corrected my cars, and dont intend on doing others as a hobby or what not.

Is there a way to tell by the amount of swirls or anything that i wont get the results i need with the orange and SH remover? I know the best way is to correct one spot and see, but im just wondering if any pros out there could lend advice before I go ordering it. Like is there a point where you can just tell your going to need it.

Thanks in advance!!

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I would try SHR with the Orange pad and try a spot out. If that don't correct it after a couple of passes then you know youre gonna need to go more aggressive.


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do a few passes and take your time. Like the Junkman said,, it may take 1,2 or 100 passes... I just did a Toyota that was a construction truck, and I used only the only the orange because of time. I should of used the green. But it came out good.


Good Luck post some photos before and after

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Sure SHR & Orange pad will work, however SSR & Green pad would work much faster.Good luck!:thumbsup:


Agree with Chris. But:


Why not have the guy who owns the truck place the order for the green pad and SSR?

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Spent about 6 hours on the wife's dark blue tahoe this past Saturday. After using the green pad on this truck (85% is finished) I will be skipping the green pad. The swirl and haze works so well, fine machine polish is a must so don't forget that.

I would say pass and use what you have.

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