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Gonna do my first detail on my Charger soon??



Ok so let me see if i have this right.. I just bought a Brand New 2012 Charger R/T. Im gonna do everything by hand. So let me know if this is the right process.


1. Two Wash Bucket System

2. Clay Bar

3. Revive Polish

4. Brillant Glaze

5. Americana Wax


Do i have to re-wash after the clay bar? or can i just put the polish right after? Thanks Guys.. I new to Adams

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I'm gonna go ahead and ASSUME you don't need the SHR, as the paint should be pretty dang swirl free, unless the dealer had their way with it!!? :( But yes, if it's a little swirled, Dave is right.

Also, I'm ASSUMING that the paint is pretty dang clean and not very contaminated. So you shouldn't need to re-wash after the clay. I've NEVER had to re-wash after clay on any of my personal cars, because they never get very contaminated. But you'll just have to gauge that as you work. But my guess is you shouldn't have to.


CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW MOPAR!!!!!! (I'm somewhat of a fan, lol) :)

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