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'98 Z71, what a task!


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Well, my first detail was my Mach 1, and it came out great. A friend from work saw it and wanted his truck done. His truck is a DD, and has seen plenty of off-road time. So he knew, and understood that a full, perfect correction was out of my league and wasn't going to happen. We talked and decided to just have 1 pass of each step with some wax on top. For what I started with, and the age and condition of the truck it came out great for what he wanted. I wanted to do it just to see where my level of work stands, so i just made him order $60 worth of Adam's products for me to do his truck. I must say the Adam's 3 step process REALLY shines and works, even on the most destroyed finishes. On to the pics!


Here is the truck after i picked it up. Z71, 20" wheels, 37" tires. Lots of lift.


IMG_2109 by glittle75, on Flickr

Some clearcoat failure on the truck that I knew I wasnt going to be able to do much for without a wetsand.


IMG_2110 by glittle75, on Flickr

More dirtiness


IMG_2111 by glittle75, on Flickr

This and the next pics really show the level of neglect this paint has seen


IMG_2112 by glittle75, on Flickr


IMG_2113 by glittle75, on Flickr


IMG_2117 by glittle75, on Flickr

The hood


IMG_2116 by glittle75, on Flickr

Wheels as i recieved them, they are bare aluminum. Never been polished, and are not cleared either.


IMG_2118 by glittle75, on Flickr

50/50 shot


IMG_2120 by glittle75, on Flickr

Another 50/50 of the defect in the 5th pic


IMG_2121 by glittle75, on Flickr

Wheels after some polishing


IMG_2124 by glittle75, on Flickr

After wax


IMG_2123 by glittle75, on Flickr


IMG_2126 by glittle75, on Flickr

Hood After


IMG_2125 by glittle75, on Flickr

After shot to compare with the 6th pic


IMG_2127 by glittle75, on Flickr


Took all day, and the owner was happy when i dropped it off. I was happy with the results for the amount of work that was put in. Still perfecting my technique and getting the hang of how long to work products. One thing I can say, its only my second correction and im still extremely pleased with how well and easy the Adam's products work. Even beginners like me can make paint look good.

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thanks for the comments guys. For the Z71 decals i didnt go over them with the machine, but I did by hand. They were a little faded and hazed as well. Hit them with FMP by hand and them some Vinyl protectant. They are very thick decals, so the FMP did great.

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