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Hey, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm in Colorado about 35 minutes NE of Denver and about 45 minutes from Boulder! I joined a few months ago and been reading and lurking since. I first heard of Adam's when I searched youtube on how to remove scratches and swirls. Found none other than the junkman and watched every single one of his videos.


I placed my first order last month and finally got a chance to open the box, (I've been in Nashville for the last three weeks). It was a small order, some APC and some Leather and Interior cleaner. Can't wait to use them. I currently have some 'other' polishes and will be adding some more Adam's to the collection. I will be placing another order soon as I know I will be satisfied with the two products and need some shampoo and a good mitt.

I also hope to attend the clinic next Saturday in Ft Lupton since its like 10 minutes away. Its still on right?

Anyway I like this board and hope to start participating a little more.

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Thanks for the welcome everyone!


Netza, the clinc is still on. From what I know Adam will be there as will Mook. I will also be attending. You are going to learn a lot. If you haven't done so yet, watch the Adam's official videos:


Instructional Detailing Videos


I think I've watched most if not all the videos. I'm new to detailing and have found some very valuable information here already.

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