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First Adam's Order



Getting ready to pull the trigger on my first order and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on things I need to add. I think I got just about everything with no overlap aside from some extra detail spray.


Complete 2-bucket wash kit

Clay bar and detail spray kit

Quick sealant kit

Premium shine kit

Perfect interior kit

VRT tire & trim combo

In & out

Invisible undercarriage

Metal polish combo

Glass sealant

Waterless wash

Microfiber app pads

Interior dressing pads

Waterless wash towels


No polishing stuff yet, my wife is gonna get me a PC kit for my birthday in June :pc:




I didn't include all the towels, mitts, applicators or grit-guards. Also ended up going with the gallon refil kit based on everyone's advice and pieced together the washing/drying stuff instead of the kit.

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Yes gallon refill of the APC, that stuff is really good....

Sounds like you got it all covered, Once you get a polishing kit you will be set. If you dont already have a set up, check into the detailing cart or the bag. Makes things alot easier.

Nice first order you got going there....

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If you get the glass sealant, you will need the glass cleaner and Towels. Also Gallon of APC


Those are part of the interior kit. I thought the same thing when I read over everything but then I read over it again and saw the interior kit.


I agree with the gallon of APC. That seems to be my most used product since it works on everything.

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