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2012 Boss 302S Mustang - factory race car


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Just arrived in New Zealand, Boss Mustang 302S Number 25, the lucky owner is preparing it for endurance racing down here, a quick polish with Adams Revive and she was good to go! :burnout:

The lucky owner also has a 2012 Shelby GT350 road car and a genuine Ford GT (GT40) race car...














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Wow Alan, that is way cool!


Any chance you will get some shots of the GT40?


Here you go - best pics I could find - 2005 Ford GT, race prepared in NZ for endurance racing using factory components, 850hp in race tune! we tune these on the dyno in my day job....




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Those are some awesome vehicles!


And for those that don't like the spoiler on the car... It has pretty much no interior or anything that is unnecessary. This car is all function and meant to actually be raced. It is probably that size to provide enough down force when at speed and not because of the way it looks. I'm sure that the performance is more important than the way it looks in endurance racing.

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Way to ruin a nice stang with that spoiler :lol:


As stated. Racecar. What should be said is way to ruin the GT with Hyundai in big letters down the side. One of the sweetest cars ever (at least American made and I am a Ford guy :patriot:) should not be so disgraced.

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WAIT! The wheel's on the wrong side! Does that mean you race towards the starting tree? lol


BEA-utiful car! I sure do like the new Mustangs...

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That wing is HHOOORRRIBLE. :(

I know it serves a purpose but that thing is hideous & obnoxious.


Yeah, but it probably saves his life every time he hits terminal velocity and wants to turn... ;) Therefore it's OK in my book. It's when you see an Escort sporting one. THAT'S ugly!


I like how it says HOLDEN all over the showroom... :2thumbs:

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