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First Adam's Use Before & After


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2-bucket wash > Clay > Quick Sealant > Brilliant Glaze > Americana












SVRT on tires and trim, In & Out on tires, grill and valance, glass sealant on glass (duh) Metal Polish 1 and 2 on exhaust tips. I ran out of time so I didn't get to do any work on the interior.


Some thoughts.....

1. I'm glad I took everyone's suggestions and bought the gallon jugs, I used almost an entire spray-bottle of Detail Spray and half a bottle of Waterless wash

2. The water at my in-law's house leaves waterspots that would make even the most battle-scarred detailer cringe

3. I need a detail cart

4. I developed tennis-elbow over the last 2 days

5. My car needs polished, BAD

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I didn't care much for these cars when they first came out. However, I am loving the new body style! Really got some good before and after pics. Black cars seem like a huge pain, but seem so gratifying when you can really see the work put into it. :thumbsup:

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