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New Pricing Coming on All Metro Products!

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If you've been debating the purchase of a Metro Vacuum or Car Dryer now would be the time to act! Due to increased costs of material as well as the expense of staying committed to American manufacturing Metropolitan Vacuum will be instituting a MAP pricing policy.


With the change (Effective April 15th) most of the line on our site will see a price increase.


JUMBO Vac N' Blo By MetroVac

Current Price: $279.95 // New Price: $299.99


Vac N' Blo 500 Handheld Vacuum by MetroVac

Current Price: $79.95 // New Price: $89.99


Air Force Master Blaster Car Dryer by MetroVac

Current Price: $309.95 // New Price: $339.99


Blaster Sidekick by MetroVac

Price Stays the Same


Just wanted to give our customers a heads up, if you're on the fence get that vac now, before the April 15th price increase!



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Any reason for the sidekick price staying the same?


No idea... again, these are MAP prices being handed down by Metro, we're simply complying with their policy. I would guess that it might have something to do with the volume they sell at... the sidekick is one of the most popular products they make so maybe they're able to keep the pricing intact at the current level because of that.

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Pretty honest of you guys, I don't think I've ever seen a company alert it's customers like that.


Not the first time for this group :thumbsup:. Several years ago there was an "apology letter" thread to explain some price increases. Adam's customer service is the best!

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