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Longtime clean freak but new to Adams.:hi: Just got another black vehicle (what's wrong with me?), and I want to stay ahead of the game in maintaining its finish. I've used clay, carnauba, and quality fabrics for a while, but I plan to step up to a machine polisher and products such as sealer and glaze. I've found the videos on the Adams site very informative, but I still have a lot to learn, so thanks in advance.

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Welcome Ryan!


Way to 'man up' with the black truck.:2thumbs:

It's not my first, so I know what I'm getting into.:willy: Black daily drivers are tough because they show all those "mystery scratches" you pick up out in the world, but I would argue that they're even more rewarding than other colors when you can keep it looking good.

My biggest worry now is how to keep my Adams obsession in check. The folks on this forum look to be the worst support group ever...

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