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Wash between SnH and FMP?



This week I corrected my Grand Prix. I will tackle my Camaro next. My question is this order correxct


1. Two bucket wash

2. Clay

3. Two bucket wash

4. Swirl n Haze

5. Two bucket wash

6. Fine Machine Polish

7. Two bucket wash

8. Quick Sealant

9. Two bucket wash

10. Americana


I guess what I would be doing would take multiple days with clay, Snh, FMP and America each on its own day. If I let the Camaro sit in my garage over night do I wash it to remove any dust that may have settled overnight before each days process? If not then I could skip steps 5, 7 and 9 from above

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NO! What it would be something like this

1. 2 bucket wash

2. clay

3. SSR (if needed)

4. SHR

5. FMP

6. IPA Wipedown

7. MSS

8. Quick Sealant

9. BG

10. Americana


Of course when it comes to sealing or waxing use what ever you have im not saying do it exactly how I have it here but depending on what you do have I think it would be best in that order. When it comes to the next morning for your camaro you could do just a detail spray wipedown but preferably WW depending on how much dust has settled on your car. It is not neccesary to do a 2 bucket wash between polishes or the next day of course unless it is sitting outside then I might consider it. Hope this helps you out and please check out the vol 7 videos they can answer alot of questions or concerns you may have.

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Thanks BSR. I spent the last 3 days correcting my Grand Prix and did not wash between polishes. My Camaro is new so I want to make sure I knew what I was doing, thats why I am learning on my Grand Prix. I do not have SSH, but I do have Brilliant Glaze. I just forgot when I wrote this.


I have also watched all the vids and Junkmans vids too.

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What Eric said. Wash at the beginning of the process, it is not needed afterwards except in conditions Eric discribed. You can wash after the clay, but it really is not needed. I have been detailing for a while now and could get what you are planning done in a day (depending on correction level needed). Yours sounds like a 2-day job.


Are you using a porter cable or flex?

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I will be using a Flex. My Camaro should be easy, only very light and swirls and minor claying. Here are my supplies..


Heres my supplies...

Adam's Air Force Master Blaster Car Dryer

Adam's Gallon of Car Wash

Merino Wash Mitt

Adam's Hex-Grip Hand Polish & Car Wax Applicator Trio

Adam's Bucket & Grit Guard (2)

Adam's Car Wash Bucket Caddy (2)

Adam's 20" Fender & Tire Brush

Adam's Boulder Blonde Boars Hair Wheel Brush

Adam's Trim & Lug Nut Brush

Adam's Premium Flex XC3401VRG Polisher Kit


Adam's Hex-Grip Hand Polish & Car Wax Applicator Trio


Fire Hose Car Wash Nozzle with quick disconnects

Adams Vac N’ Blo 500 Handheld Vacuum

Adams Green Wheel Cleaner

Adams In n Out Spray

Gilmour 75QGFMR Foamaster Adjustable Multi Ratio Cleaning Gun

Adams Turbostick

Adams Leather and Interior Cleaning Brush

Adams Jumbo Professional Car Wash Pad (2)

Adams Professional Car Wash Pad

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