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Granite soap detail?

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Well everyone, I was out and bored so decided to polish up my hood of the jeep since it had gotten some pretty bad water spots earlier. After I had finished that I brought everything back in since it was like 95* today. After I had everything back on the counter inside I saw the nasty soap/scum stain on my moms almost brand new sink. Seeing as I didn't have much to do the rest of the day I decided to tackle it for her and let her have a nice surprise when she got home. Turned almost perfect, and with the entire kitchen being redone only a few months ago I'm glad its back to what it should look like. Here's some pics:
















Does in the afters look like its almost still there but its part of the design in the granite, took me a while to realize that haha. A bit of Swirl/Haze with multiple combinations and it was all set and back to new again. Can't beat that reflection of the skylight, Thanks for looking everyone!

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Lovin it.


And it was a freaking scorcher today.


thanks man, and it was really insane out, have to take a nice dip in the lake with a beer. :cheers:


Nice recovery! :rockon:


thank you sir!


Detail Something Different Contest?!?!


Definitely in for the contest if I'm allowed to be a multiple. Granite was horrible but i saw someone did it before so thats why I didn't include it in the title. I'm definitely in for a submission though! :D


Already a granite submission...


fa shooo

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