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Am I missing something?? haha!!



So to preface; since my IS300 was corrected by me and SRTLUVR (who is also the man that introduced me to Adams) the IS hasn't been strip washed..till now.


When we did the correction we followed with Americana and continued using waterless wash every other time I drove the car until....maybe 2 months later I Waterless washed it and did an IPA wipedown followed by some MSS...after full cure time I went with some QS, then BG, then Americana...overkill?? YES I think so...paranoid? Absolutely!! My history with the car since has been waterless wash followed with DS about every other time I drive the car, which is once maybe twice a week, wheels are included in that. The car has seen rain twice since...once going to the sound shop, but was 2 bucket washed right after.


Which leads me to the second time its been caught in the rain....LAST Monday I had to drive to the hillbilly state MS :lolsmack: 3.5hr drive after work to move my sister who's getting her masters degree..well it rained that night/ Tuesday for about half the day...I cringed the ENTIRE time knowing what was going to happen!!! DIRTY DIRTY CAR!!


Got home late Tuesday night and was worn out, had to prepare for a full work week including tax-free weekend. I planned to do a strip wash next Tuesday (my next off day) seemed enough time had passed figured why not especially since it was trashed according to my standards...


Long story short, I decided to go ahead and strip wash it TONIGHT in the dark with my halogens as light so I'd avoid the heat and reduce potential water spots. 2 Bucket wash 4 oz of car shampoo maybe 3oz of APC..wash, rinse..pool rinse and then I go to dry it all off and pull it back in for clay and FMP polish, and sealant tomorrow...then this happened.......As I'm drying the car quickly but effectively I accidentally hit the wiper blades...water of course hits the hood and...it beads.


Now my head is scratching..so curiosity takes control, I turn my water back on and hit the hood with it....STILL beading!! I know that claying and polishing will take away any left over sealant or wax however...

I can't help but think...what am I missing here??? Did I NOT add enough APC?? Or does the MSS require 2 apps of APC to be completely diluted and gotten rid of? Really scratching my head here... :confused::lol:

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Did you clay also? Ive found at least in my climate that QS doesn't wanna leave! That's. Of a bad thing unless it's fighting my OCD. I know when arrive home next week, a complete Fall Detail will happen, and I know QS is gonna laugh at me. I've found that Clay also helps get that last bit off...for me.


Give it a shot man. See what happens.

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