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Fixing Matte Vinyl Stripes

Team Adam's


As you can probably guess, among the top 5 questions I was asked at Camaro5FestIII was about stripe care... most specifically matte stripes. This particular set was a matte carbon fiber.


Just a quick side by side shot (below) of a set of stripes we brought in that had been subjected to no protection and a number of touchless washes with the added 'rain x clear coat protection'. The owners were from Las Vegas (I forget the names, but thanks for stopping in. It was nice to meet you!) so the addition of that harsh desert sun was really doing a number on them.



  • Wiped them down with Adam's Waterless Wash to remove any surface dust.
  • Full strength Adam's All Purpose Cleaner was sprayed onto a microfiber towel and the stripes were hand scrubbed to remove the oxidized material, water stains, wax, etc.
  • The stripes were then saturated with Waterless Wash to neutralize and remove any leftover APC residues.
  • A liberal application of Adam's Super VRT was applied using a foam block.
  • Excess was buffed away with a clean, dry, Adam's Edgeless Utility Towel.




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