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Compared to what I see on here I'm not detailing anything. LOL. My daughter is in her second year of college and we were going to buy here a new car. Right now she has a 2002 F150 that we have decided to keep unless something happens for a couple more years. So that will be next on the list.


Been anal about my trucks/cars for years. I've done a few for other people but mostly family or close friends. Nothing commercial. I do all by hand as I'm not a professional. There's piece of mind that comes along knowing I'm not going to burn paint. Seems the new machines make that really hard to do. the wife is a Nissan fan so we just picked up a new SL model with the Winter Frost Pearl paint so finding protection for it is also on the list.

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I really like that Winter Frost Pearl!


BTW...don't tell me you can't compare to the cars on here.:jester:


There are many that are new and alot that are old too!! Most have needed correction to the paint at one time or another and most of us are very anal about the condition of their vehicles.


Everyone is here to help. Just ask. :2thumbs:

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