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A few pics from my voluntary "Mini-clinic" I did

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This past weekend I attended the 7th Annual Modern Mopar Southeast Shindig in Perry, GA. I put on a VOLUNTARY clinic myself with my own product, my own skills, and my own passion for detailing. Just trying to show some folks the light of Adams Polishes!!


Started on the car at 10am sharp, after everyone got settled in. Didn't finish until 3:30, after everyone left, lol. I did my work with the Flex, and taught the newcomer's owner, Silas, how to use the Porter cable and he chased my steps, which sped up the process, along with other friends helping with small stuff. Donor car was an '07 300 SRT8.


Process was (we didn't have access to wash, so it was washed ahead of arrival) TEACHING ALL OF THIS:

- Waterless wash wipedown

- Claybar entire car, even windows

- 2 passes of SSR on hood, roof, and trunk

- 1 pass of SSR everywhere else

- 1 pass of SHR

- 1-2 passes of FMP

- IPA wipedown

- Quick Sealant (windows too), BG, Americana


We didn't get her 100% perfect, as time was of the essence. But we got her to probably 85% and had a HUUUUUUGE turnaround. Car had never seen a claybar, nor polish, EVER. And the owner spent $350 on product ahead of showtime, so he can maintain it, and I taught him the RIGHT way to do it. No before pics (because I'm an idiot), but here's what my buddy BJ got!! (that's me in the stripes)




















Could've gotten more pics, but I was just HARD at work, and didn't think to direct BJ for other shots. Sorry. But at least wanted to share what I had. The clinic got RAVE reviews, and everybody was STUNNED at how impeccable the car came out. They were also pretty baffled at how WRONG they've been caring for their personal cars, lol. I talked a ton about technique, product, and order of process. Everyone got a volume 7 DVD. Thanks for looking, sorry again for the lack of media.


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