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Stole this sweet ride!


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This may look familiar, as I've posted pics of it before. I borrowed it from my Dad about a month ago to play with and then detail for him. Not that its in bad shape, just needs a little lovin! This pic was after I got it home I washed it real quick, it was kinda dusty. So stay tuned here in the next week or so I plan to start working on it a bit. Oh yeah, its a 56 Nomad restomod, 427 big block 6 speed. :burnout:




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Its crazy I never realized how rare these were back in the day. My father in law came over to see it, he's been a gm mechanic since the early 70's at the same place and was/is quite the car guy. While he was looking at it he says "thats the first Nomad I've seen in person"! I was like WHAT? Are you serious!

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