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Another (really scary) reason to be wary of Chinese-made products


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A while ago I gave my dog some treats for a couple days of some new chicken treat variety pack. He ended up not eating for 3 days and having the runs all over the basement. Luckily I didn't need to take him to the vet, he slowly started eating again, but from now on I'm playing it safe and buying him the two treats I know will not get him sick: kroger brand raw hides and Pet Supplies Plus bulk dog treats.


Kroger brand raw hides are awesome for anyone interested. They don't fall into a bajillion little pieces and with my dog's sensitive stomach, they can't be any bad for them.

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Dog food and dog treats are crazy. I try to only feed my dogs what i believe to be the best. I feed my dogs orijen or acana which is made in canada with only locally sourced things. When looking into dog food i found out they used to be able to use a percentage of road kill in dog food. I was talking to the guy i buy my dog food from which is not a box store and he was telling me a certain brand used to have phenobarbital in it which they use to euthanize dogs and when they did attempt to euthanize a dog. They wondered why it took so much to actually put the dog down. Its crazy. But i would never by anything made in china for my dogs period.

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I will say if people researched dog foods and treats and what dogs should and should not eat. I would lay money a lot of people would change the way they feed their dogs. My fiance used to grab beneful for our 2 pitbull mixes. They are both 50lb female. That bag suggests about 3-1/2 - 4 cups if i remember correctly and acana is about 1-1/2 - 2 cups a day depending on activity levels. Makes you wonder the difference. Also my dogs were always hungry eating beneful. Feeding them acana wild prairie i just fill their bowl and they eat like cats whenever they are hungry and its a lot less than beneful. Other things are ingredients but thats another long post that i wont start. Lets just say my dogs are a lot better and healthier with good food. End small rant

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