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Adams 4th Gen "Black" pad great for "Polishing" soft paints



I had a chance to play with my new Adams 4th Gen Waffle Pads yesterday to polish out a 1998' black Firebird,using the Flex 3401.

The vehicle's paint was in fair shape but upon checking the thickness of the paint/clear it had been polished before to the point the paint was thin.

I started a test spot with the least aggressive approach using a finishing polish and the Adams White 4th Gen finish polishing pad.It was correcting the swirls but also leaving it's own haze on the soft paint (under my Brinkmann swirl finder light).

Not being comfortable to keep working this area with different products/process because of the thin paint,I moved to a different test spot but this time trying the finishing polish with the Adams "Black" Machine Super Sealant wax pad.The outcome was what I was looking for to proceed to polish out this vehicle.

Removed the swirls after several section passes and did not instill It's own hazing.

I thought I would share with ALL that this "Black" pad is not only for applying waxes or sealants :thumbsup:

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I agree I've done 2 Jet Black BMW's and a non metallic black Civic which are very soft and sometimes hard to get great results. One of the BMW's I had some time to try something different,I used the S&H Remover with the gray pad and finished off with FMP on the red pad and had zero micro marring. I've learned that soft paint can be fussy but also sometimes can benefit by trying different a technique. I love the new pads!

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