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Adam's has been associated with the Mob!

Sizzle Chest

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Holy cow! Is Adam's 'in' with the Mob? They just may be!



We are currently watching the HBO series The Sopranos. Becky and I have never watched it and have been really enjoying the series. A great show!


Anyway, last night as we watched it I found this!!!





















LOL! Sorry for the poor quality shots,they are from my phone, I had to take a few shots!


This is 'Paulie' watching TV in his house!



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It's because he's Italian, right?


Because everyone who is Italian is in the Mob/Mafia! :hi:


Guilty until proven innocent!






*waits for Adam to chime in*


Yes, we are. Don't forget it either..........or else! :D:D:D

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