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detailed the wife's car today



got her all waxed up and figured i'd share some pics. Using all adam's products-2 bucket wash using the merino (wife says it looks like a cat lol), followed by buttery wax and then a quick wipe down with detail spray, and svrt on the tires/lower trim pieces. Pain in the but maintaining both black vehicles, but damn do they look good when all cleaned up











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Hey Derek, how is that Jeep working out for you? My girlfriend drools over these every time she see one. Give her the tan leather and she'll be in heaven.


If things go the right way, she will end up being my wife, and will probably purchase a Grand Cherokee. If we plan to keep the vehicle for a long time (say 10-15 years), will she be a happy camper? ;)


And great work on the detail BTW. I like your truck!

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