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Detailing "Corner"



I'm just proud that I started to finally clean and organize my garage! I painted and hung an old cabinet I thought would be perfect for my Adam's products. I built some shelf brackets (I'm not a carpenter so please be kind) to install wire shelves and hung my brushes and such on the masonary. It's been a nightmare of a mess for quite some time and I'm happy to have it looking neat.


Side note: Some old product lines still in use... I have been transitioning to all Adams but work in progress. I've learned my lesson with cheaper products...enough said.


Oh yea and my 10 year-old son helped!

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I love the velcro clothespin pad hangers! Brilliant idea!!


Thanks but it wasn't mine...got it in the "tips & tricks" section... and it works great. I thoroughly wash the used pads, squeeze out as much water as possible, hang them on the modified clothes pins until dry and stack them on the wire shelf. PERFECT.


And the garage looks good!


Thank you.

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More Adam's Products, made a bracket and hung the PC...more to come (Wish List: power washer, foam gun, more and more Adam's Products) but getting there.


Hate to move it all into the basement...LOL (other thread)

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