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To Blur or Not To Blur

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Hmmm interesting. I get all my clients permission to use the photos of their vehicles after I finish them.


On the plus side I usually take the plates off for the detail so it doesn't really matter anymore.


Good article though. Thanks Dylan.

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I can see both sides. I've never blurred my plate, but I'm also not likely to show rear shots of my vehicles in the first place (simply because 3/4 and profiles shots look better). But it's no big deal to block the plate if you want to. As long as you're posting digital pics, it's not hard to use something as basic as a black line from MS Paint. Which brings up the question what are folks using for the cool swirl effect, Photoshop?

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I drive & park my car in a public place most times out of the day. The parking lot is in public eye, the internet is in public eye. Why should I blur out my plate when I post a picture but not when I park my car anywhere? If someone is going to do something illegal with my plate number they can get it assortment of ways. Lately here in Overland Park Kansas; we know have cop cars fitted with cameras that feed images to a database to see if there are any hits in the system (warrants, tickets etc) the drive through the parking lot at corporate woods & surrounding areas looking for cars.

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