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Clean and Polish One-Side Painted Alloys



Oh eagle-eyed wheel gods, I offer this - these pictures unto you for your sage and expert advice....


I have an interesting (and probably common to pre-bankruptcy GM Chevrolets) wheel predicament.


As you can see from the photos below, I have alloy wheels. The outside, or curb-facing side, of the wheels are obviously painted and clear coated. But the inside appear to be naked alloy? What does it look like to all of you?



insidewheel01 by briandewitt, on Flickr



insidewheel02 by briandewitt, on Flickr




outsidewheel02 by briandewitt, on Flickr



I have a process for the curb-facing side of the wheels (wash, clay, polish, seal) but have not yet figured out a process for the inside/barrel of the wheel as I am not yet sure if it is naked alloy.


So is it naked alloy or clear-coated alloy?

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If that is a factory GM wheel, it is more than likely cleared front & back. For the inner barrels I would just clay and then seal with Spray Sealant. That should keep them easy to clean until next time.


As a side note, who balanced that wheel and tire? That amount of weight placed in that fashion is atrocious.

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