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First Porter cable Experience



So after reading about success people have with the PC I decided to buy it. This was my first time ever using any sort of machine to polish anything. This is a spare tailgate that I've had for a while and figured I'd try it on that to get the technique down.


1 pass of Severe Swirl Remover

1 pass of Swirl & Haze Remover

1 pass of Fine Machine Polish







Question though are the pads supposed to get this bad or is it because how bad the tailgate was?



So after my first time I must say that reading on here and watching the videos I feel comfortable so next up is to do my truck I guess lol

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They cleaned up really well with APC, will I be okay using them again?


Yea, you'll be fine.


Yes true but you need to be careful how much paint you take off. You don't want to be to aggressive with it.


There shouldn't be any less paint with a single stage paint job than a base coat/clear coat paint job. I've used high speed rotarys and wool pads on single stage paint jobs with no problems.

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