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BG and Americana or just Americana?



Been awhile since last Americana app 8-10 weeks and ready to throw on a coat of wax. Have the MS BG Americana layer. Paint imho is ready yet for paint correction and/or complete stripping so should I put on just a a Coat of Americana or hit it with BG first then Americana.

By the way went to the garage fridge to pull out the Americana and the wife left me a nice little gift. Better get started soon or it will need paint correcting.:lolsmack:

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Brilliant Glaze is designed to go under the Wax, unless your wax is about gone, or you would like to wax your vehicle sooner.


Myself, I lay BG, APW, wait six weeks, More BG, wait two weeks, more APW. All year long, in between it's quarterly polishing. Usually FMP, then QS. Then insert the FaceMelter.

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