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Dog's Heartworm Medication


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We've used Interceptor since we adopted Bandit and now have read that it looks to be discontinued/issues with the manufacturer. This is also the case for Setinel, which is made by the same company..


I'd like to see what others are using and why they've chosen it..




edit: I need to order in the next couple days as we are out..

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I wish this was posted yesterday when I gave Cooper his Interceptor...


I actually don't think I'll be using any kind of heart worm medication after this month (this is the last pill I have). We had a golden retriever that lived to be 13 and eventually had to be put down to ovarian cancer.

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I refuse to pay the cost of veternarian heart worm meds or all others for that fact.


I've been using a product called "durvet" Ivermectin Paste 1.87% Apple Flavor for 2 years and my dog is "worm-free". This stuff comes in a plastic syrnge and you squeeze a small amount on your finger tip and put it on the dog's roof of the mouth.


It costs less than 5 dollars a box and lasts a year or better. This is made for horses... of course they would use half the syrnge, but works fine with dogs. A neighbor who breeds dogs has been using it for more than 10 years and has never had issues with worms at all.


I was very skeptical at first, but it actully works.

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we use Heartguard. they come in chewable tablets and its the only pill my dogs enjoy taking.


we also use K9 Advantix for fleas/ticks


we use K9 Advantix II for Bandit and Advantage II for Smokey..


We would actually give Bandit his heartworm med as a treat for being good when I apply the Advantix..

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