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Snapshot of an Addict



I already introduced myself as an addict, but this morning's exchange with my wife prompted me to think of this fun thread that I'm sure many of you can add to.


Mid morning routine getting ready to drive the kids to school:


Wife: Are you their biggest customer?


(I knew right away what she was referring to... I had just received my latest "daily special" purchase still sitting by the front door)


Me: They run these specials that are hard to pass up.


Wife: How much "wax" do you need?


Me: It's therapy for me.


Wife: I think you're over-medicated.


It's now 3 hrs. later and I'm still grinning...maybe she's right.

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Of course she's right!:lolsmack:

But like my Dad reminds his wife when she comments on the money spent on his hobbies, "I don't drink or do drugs, I don't gamble or chase women, and you always know where I am." (in the shop he built behind the house)

Besides, like you said it's therapy for most of us, so you're doing her a favor...plus you're saving thousands on psychiatrist bills.:glasses:

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This is the boss, and I'm inclined to not argue the expenditures of products prior to getting everything paid (bills)


However there will be room for some Adams in the very near future..

At least she has a sense of humor about it. You know what they say, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." ;)

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LOL i was going to do a thread like this to show how much product i have been buying...Since im in japan, all of my boxes are going to my parents house. I was told last week that the UPS driver just comes to the door and says "he has ordered more stuff" That made my day lol

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