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Greetings from Wisconsin


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Hi All,


Definitely not new to detailing, but new to this forum and the Adams line of detailing products. It is approaching cold weather and my business is self-supported so that means the outside hose is shut down, and the garage is for the most part unavailable until Spring, unless I win the lottery, then I will purchase a facility.


I have been detailing since 1965. Started as self taught, then was trained by George Barris in 1980 in Simi Valley, CA.


I have done a variety of services over the years and recently more emphasis is on Aircraft, but my specialty is custom, vintage, show cars..Looking forward to learn more, you never get it all, so let's start here.




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This is my 1994 Grand Prix SE coupe, paid a mere $1250.00 excluding Title transfer. The car had 130,000 miles on it when I bought it in July 2010, since I've replaced everything. The car had some serious corrosion issues and it was sent to the body shop by the dealer. The paint was done very poorly, it had runs, over-spray, fish-eyes, and orange peel, it is a Black car. The was no prep in this what so ever, laziness I guess. Anyway here it is now after months of buffing, polishing, and what not. Car has the 3100 V6, runs like a top.

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