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This is my duh moment & cautionary tale...



On Tuesday I was working on my best friend's black SRT-10 Ram that he recently picked up. He uses his truck hard & treats it to regular strip wax/brushed car washes... :loser:;)


Any way, I wanted to give it a quick once over & get it looking nice.


I had another project going at the same time that was kind of time sensitive, so I worked in small, hurried bunches on the Ram. :(


As I worked on the doors with the Flex, I decided to grab the PC & throw the 4" focus pad backing plate on it. I primed the pad, & put the machine to the panel. I did not double check the backing plate or the speed the PC was set on. I know, stupid move...The PC came up to speed & before I could catch it, the backing plate spun off. My left ring finger got caught in the the counter weight, I guess & I was unable to keep the "bolt" of the PC off of the surface. :eek::jawdrop::help:


I ended up in urgent care for stitches & the truck ended up needing some good touch up work & PDR. I have had stitches several times, but this injury was as painful as they get. I thought it took the tip of my finger off, but I was lucky & will heal up in a week or so.


My pride is hurt, I haven't had an "accident" while detailing since I first started out, like 18 years ago. :( This was a great reminder to me to never rush things & to always be 100% on top of what I'm doing.


I just thought I'd share...




Might as well add a comparison pic of before & "after".



I'll be finishing this thing up in the near future!

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I work in an emergency room currently, and all i can say is these things happen, all the time. It doesnt matter how long you've been doing something, sometimes it gets so routine that you dont even think, and one thing goes wrong, then i see you in the ER hahaha.


Id say i see on average 3-4 people a day that cut themselves doing some kind of hands on work. Landscapers, electricans, carpenters, etc. etc.


Havent seen a car detailer yet though!

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Guest Gone & Forgotten
safety first, never wear a ring while doing anything!


Unless your trying to pick up women. :lol:


To the OP. just go ride in a new VW Beetle. I saw a commercial where it makes you feel better. :rockon:

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