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Looking to "Trade"

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I just received my 2 mystery boxes and to my dismay there wasn't one thing I needed...figures. LOL


Still a great deal and as always, a happy customer.


I thought if others were in a similar situation we could possibly trade some items using retail values.


Things I have: 2 Double Soft, 36oz New Formula Detail Spray, 16oz APC, Hex Grip Tire Dressing Applicator, In & Out Spray


Looking for: Quick Sealant, Wheel Woolies, Boar's Hair Wheel Brush, Undercarriage Spray


PM me if interested.



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Is this an all or nothing trade? I'd love the have another double soft - and I have an "extra" quick sealant.


op said he would trade items using retail pricing.


double soft towels msrp $14.95

Quick sealant msrp $19.95


My suggestion would be....trade your quick sealant + $10 for both of his double soft towels. :thumbsup:

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