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Another endorsement for Deep Wheel Cleaner

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I just gave it a shot on my VW's wheels and wow, impressive -- and I thought nothing could top Adam's GWC!


I did it one wheel at a time. I just sprayed it on, let it sit for about a minute, and then hit the barrels with a turbostick. After that I hit the faces and spokes with an Adam's wheel brush -- no need to really attack them or scrub hard; just a "normal" brushing to get the nooks and crannies. After that it was a thorough rinse, and the wheels looked as good as new. Like I said, I was really impressed.


Good Job Adam & Team! :2thumbs:

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We just like seeing clean shiny things.


I go nuts when I'm at the carnival and go through the mirror maze thing. I'm just like ooooooooohhhhhh shiny :jester:



And then I notice the finger smudges and want to use detail spray to clean them off :lol:

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Finally got to use it today for the first time and I'm impressed. The amount of salt and grit and dirt and just plain junk that was on my DD wheels was ridiculous, but now they' look amazing. Not a fan of the smell, but it sure does a great job cutting through all that crap.

Great product guys! :2thumbs::2thumbs:

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Add me to the list of new fans. We got some unseasonably warm weather this weekend which gave me the chance to clean up two of our cars. 3+ months of no washes and winter road driving was a nice test for the new cleaner. And as everyone has said..it worked great. Spray on..wait a minute..agitate with the brush and bam..all caked on salt, brake dust etc bye bye.


I used it on my plasti dipped wheels as well and had no issues affecting the dip whatsoever.


The smell goes on as cherry but after a bit it has a stink. I suggest using some nitrite gloves if ya have em.

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