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Bloomington, IN....junkman videos led me here


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New lurker from Bloomington, IN.  Have always been somewhat particular in keeping my vehicles clean and serviceable.  Interested in learning how to reclaim a 2007 honda element (50,000 miles)of ours that my daughter abused for two years and keeping my 2011 Sierra daily driver looking good......black with the chrome package......I really like my truck.  I keep a few motorcycles, mostly dual sports.....I like them too.


I enjoy Junkman's videos, as much for the entertainment value as for the educational component.  Plus, I'm prior military and I think I read that Junkman is in Louisville, KY and I'm originally from Bardstown, KY. so there are just somethings he says that makes sense and are entertaining to boot.  


I would like to learn how to not only maintain the finishes of the vehicles but improve them as well. I enjoy reading all the posts here and watching the videos......probably gonna pull the trigger and start buying some products and getting started. 

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  What an awful fate you've suffered ending up in Bloomington.  

It's not so bad.............sometimes.  I did graduate from IU and came back to town about 10 years ago. 


Welcome Tim. I see another addiction developing.

Let's see, I finished cleaning out the upstairs garage so that I could pull my vehicles in and wash them inside .......gonna put the drain  and the hot/cold running water to use.  I also had my security officer get me a key and and the code for the auto shop at the career center......lots of room, compressed air, power, water and two vehicle lifts in there.  Uh, i now have active user id's on three detailing forums......I have orders pending at all three of the sites as well.......hawking discount codes.  Two bucket washes?  Who knew?.....apparently everyone but me since I've watched a ton of videos.......one was a 5 part video on just washing your vehicle.  I've read extensively on the  Porter Cable 7424XP........addiction?.........naw.......issues?.......probably.

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