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Chrome wheel care and maintanance



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Its a heck of a lot easier than painted wheels, I can tell you that.  GWC, or DWC are both same and effective and their use is appropriate depending on the brake pad content.   I'd assume GWC is all you'll need.  The boars hair brushes are your best friends as are the wheel wholes and turbo sticks. Those can be used interchangeably depending on taste really.  AQS is the perfect product for sealing and protecting your wheels between washings.  Works impeccably.  Watch the videos to maximize technique.


Edit:  Detail Spray as a final wipe will make chrome gleam.  The metal polish combo is a huge winner here as well depending on the shape of the wheels.  


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I worked on my chrome Zo6 replica wheel's all day wed.       Wheels were not dirty, but I improve the shine and protected them. 


All dun by hand. 


I first used Bimbo extreme chrome polish.


2nd Used Adams super machine wax.


3rd,  Adams Quick sealant,.


They turned out awesome.  took me all day to do all four,but well worth!!!!!!!! :P

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I would clean them first with DWC (make sure wheels are cool)......shine them with MP1 & MP2 then last but not least protect them with QS.

A good tip for cleaning your wheel barrels Adam's Turbo Stick.

Adam's Quick Sealant Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner Adam's Metal Polish 1 & 2 Combo Adam's Turbo Stick Wheel Cleaning Tool
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