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Adams Sticker on my Kenworth Sleeper.


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I've some some pictures posted on snapfish. I hope that link works. Plus I've got some in my Album, just click in my signature.



We're at home right now and we just had a 40 year record snow Saturday night. Right now I'm changing the oil in the gen set.


I'm going to get more pictures when the weather gets nice. :glasses:


Thanks all for the interest in our rig. It's not the 'normal' vehicle on this site. I do have some cool cars that I can't wait to get the Adam's shine on, including the black ZO6 I use in my banner.



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Very Very nice. I love that style of Kenworth plus the larger sleeper. thats my type of rig. Im looking at driving trucks once I reach 21. **** PA laws but again very nice rig.


Thanks for the kind words Darren. I bought my first truck back in 1976, a 1973 Chevrolet Titan 90 which was a re badged GMC Astro. It was a cabover, single axle, no A/C or power steering. The motor was a 8V 71 (318) Detroit cut back to 290hp and a 10 speed Roadranger transmission. It would run 62 mph flat out against the governor and was so noisy inside you couldn't hardly talk to the person in the passenger seat.


My wife and I are really enjoying this 'RV semi truck'. It really has made life out on the road a lot more comfortable.


Good luck in the future if you decide to start driving truck for a living. It is getting a lot more difficult to make any money at it any more.



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