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62 degrees in Central PA


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     I took advantage of the 62 degree weather here in Central PA today to detail our Challenger. Our average high this year is 40 degrees. After washing/drying I put a coat of Patriot wax on. Afterward, I went for a little ride. I think a lot of other people had the same idea because in that short distance I saw a Ferrari, 2 Porsche's, and a Trans Am.








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60 here in Michigan, but cloudy, foggy, and drizzle, so no cleaning of the daily drivers this weekend.


Supposed to be warmer through the first part of the week, but the rain is also supposed to hang around here too.


Sun returns next weekend according to weather, but the forecasted highs will be back in the 30's.

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There were so many guys out on motorcycles today you would have thought it was June! We took a nice long ride today as well and when we came back.........we saw this in our yard.  WTH??  I think this is the first time I've ever seen blooming dandelions in December here.  Crazy weather.  





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