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If you had ALL the spray bottles



So I am upgrading my collection of Adams into the Tolco spray bottles because honestly I just love the way they work. 


With that said, other than saying everything! what would YOU put into them, and what would you do for dilutions to keep on hand as well. 


No limit to bottles so......






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I have everything except Total Interior, Glass Cleaner, and H20. 


Deep Wheel Cleaner 

Diluted Deep Wheel Cleaner (1:1)

All Purpose Cleaner 

Diluted All Purpose Cleaner (1:1)

Waterless Wash

Detail Spray

Tire Shine


adding shortly in the future:

Diluted Rinseless (for pre-soak/waterless) 


Microfiber Revitalizer 3:1


I've toyed with adding Total Interior and Glass Cleaner but the size of the bottle in the interior of the vehicle has given me pause. 

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I like the diluted VRT (1:1) in a spray bottle for when I want to spray the inside of the wheel well. I've held off from getting undercarriage spray because I think VRT 1:1 is great.

Thank you for that idea. I have SVRT in a 1:1 spray bottle for ease of application for my bed cover and some other trim. Never thought about spraying it on wheel liners. I was contemplating getting undercarriage but may try this method first.

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