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Tips for my fresh painted Grabber Orange mustang GT





     I recently had my 2008 Grabber Orange GT mustang completely repainted. It was full of dings and a few pretty good scratches. I've let it cure for about 5 months now with no addition of any heavy wax or polish. Today I washed it and noticed the paint is very smooth however it does have little bumps in the clear coat. Other than that it's very smooth with a few swirl marks. The car is not a daily driver, however it does get driven on nice days on the weekends. My question is what set of products do you recommend for my particular vehicle. I want to remove the swirl marks, small bumps (guessing clay bar), and the best polish for the bright orange paint. I'm also interested in a good paint sealer. If you would mind listing me a set of products to use I would love to purchase from you guys. I was very impressed with your videos on YouTube and the professional results. I also have a 1992 Mustang race car with an 8k dollar paint job. I will be buying products for it as well if I'm happy with the results. TY.



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Welcome John,


You already have a good plan with claying, correcting, finish polishing and sealing.


Look for Adam's clay bar, Paint Correcting Polish, Paint Finishing Polish, and the Liquid Paint Sealant to add protection and some additional shine to the finish.


Be sure to check out the Paint Correcting videos, so you have the correct pads for the machine and products you will be using.



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Can you explain what "little bumps in the clear coat" mean? Do you think it's overspray or actual trash in the clear coat that may have settled on the car while the clear coat was still wet?


Overspray should come off during the clay bar process but if its trash in the clear coat, it my require wet sanding.

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