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Happy National Car Care Month, Errbody!

Texas Moe

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Apparently October is National Car Care month (along with April).  I didn't know it was an actual thing until this evening.  I am absolutely shocked that there are people out there who care for their cars only two months out of the year!  ;)  Actually I think it is a good idea to remind folks to make sure their vehicles are performing well going into the winter months.  (Kinda like reminding folks to replace their batteries in smoke detectors twice a year.)



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Unfortunately, where I live, October is the month to get the car inspected, get a good coat of wax on the Vette, treat the interior with Leather Conditioner (heavy) and get it ready for its long winter's nap.  Seems like I just took the covers off!  Winter just plain sucks here. 6 months is way too long for winter...........too short for summer.

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