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Odor Neutralizer Review

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So I'd like to be the first one to jump in with a formal review. I received my Odor Neutralizer today and immediately took it outside to test.  I sprayed some into the AC intake vent and let it recirc in my car for a few minutes, and also sprayed each seat and floor mat.


Let me tell ya'll, if you haven't bought some yet, do it. I'm very critical of pretty much everything with a premium price tag, but Adam's really nailed this one. I'm extremely impressed.


First of all, it smells good if you just sniff the bottle, so that's always a good sign. Now my SUV is only about 5 months old, but I do have two very active dogs. They're always getting wet, sandy, you name it, and my SUV undoubtably has a musky dog scent to it. Well, it did anyways. I hopped into my car tonight to go out for drinks after testing the product at about 1300 ET this past afternoon, and it still has a slight scent of the Odor Neutralizer. No dog smell, whatsoever.  Again, I find the scent of the ON to be very pleasant.


I plan on heading the range early tomorrow morning, so I'll update this post accordingly, but I really think Adam's has a winner here. I'm hoping it's offered in the gallon size very soon, as I could most definitely use this around the house.


Thumbs up for Adam's chemists and engineers on this one. Thanks for another great product.


Thanks for reading,



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Great Review Dustin,


I too would like to say Adam's really knocked it out of the park with this one.  I got mine courtesy of Dustin actually, thanks again man! I sprayed it in pretty much the same fashion as Dustin (recirc. in car, seats and floor mats).  Unlike Dustin my car is 8 years old with over 120k miles on it.  Hoped in the car and it smelled amazing.  I too find the smell of the ON to be excellent (not too sweet, or overpowering).  Again congratulations to Adam's on an awesome product! 


I would also be interested in buying it in the gallon size so add another vote for that motion! 

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Def worth it! I tried it in my truck that while cleaned regularly there was starting to become a just not clean scent in it. Used the Odor Neutralizer (and probably a little bit too much) and wow its fantastic! The scent which is not bad at all hung around for a day or so but the odors never returned. Awesome product and def not one that you need in large quantity which is another bonus.  

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I love mine! I got a small trial size bottle in my last mystery box that now resides in my center console. I picked up some greasy fried chicken for takeout yesterday and a few hours late my car STANK. I used this product ran the reciruclation for 5 minutes while I loaded up the car for a bike ride. Drove away and the car was smelling great! No more fried food odor. 

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I'm not one to usually review things, but this product is amazing. I just got it today and I already love it. Awesome scent that is welcoming every time I get in my car. But the real test is yet to come, when me and my gf got together she had a window that wouldn't go all the way up due to a broken actuator so when it rained the interior got wet. I fixed that and we've been trying things here and there to get rid of the wet musty smell. I have no doubt that I have found that product. I will certainly post reviews after she gets home and I put it to work! Great product Adams!

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